Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Walker Percy Project

Have you read any Walker Percy? I came across this website dedicated to the Alabama-born author, winner of the 1962 National Book Award for his first novel The Moviegoer. The site is a literary center with lots of information, free to the public. It's a little hard to navigate, but if you're like me and hadn't heard of Percy, it may pique your curiosity about the unusual writer. There's even an online discussion group.

Here's a quote from the website, answering the question, "Who is Walker Percy?"

"novelist of ideas
philosophical novelist
comedic satirist
cautionary moralist
prophetic essayist
post-modern thinker
'existentialist' Southern gentleman
ex-suicide wayfarer-pilgrim
Martian castaway [...]
None of the above/all of the above"