Friday, March 2, 2012

Short and sweet book reviews

The lovely Chapters Bookshop in Galax, VA, offers quick reviews of popular books on its website. These snippet reviews are a great way to discover new books for your reading list. Here's an example from the website:

Hit Man, by Lawrence Block (publisher HarperTorch $7.99)

Alright, I know that this is not a new book. But Mr. Block is new to me. I have just discovered his books, and thankfully, he has lots! The series I am reading right now begins with Hit Man. The story revolves around Keller, a man hired, mostly by the mafia, to take out informants, and other ne’er do wells. But sometimes he makes a mistake. The writing is wonderful, with descriptions of life in New York City and other places rich from a different angle. His philosopy of life is fascinating. If you like mystery/thrillers, youshould try Lawrence Block. (Reviewed by Theresa)

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