Friday, June 7, 2013

Southern summer reads!

Hi, everyone! I've been collecting emails about new Southern novels being published, and now I have a few to share. I haven't read any of these yet, but they all look interesting!

Reader and blogger Pamela Trawick offers up an excellent review of Into The Free by Julie Cantrell:
"Into the Free conveys Depression-era Mississippi innocence along with the harshness of survival in a time of unemployment and poverty. Life is hard, Millie’s family life is harder, and still she marches on. While not duplicating Harper Lee’s Scout, Millie has enough of a Scout echo to strum heartstrings that adore Alabama’s favorite heroine."
Kansas City writer and blogger Stephen Roth reviews Camp Redemption by Raymond L. Atkins:
"It’s about a brother and sister who own a cash-strapped children’s church camp in north Georgia, and one day receive an unexpected visitor. Like a lot of fine Southern writing, this novel has charmingly eccentric characters, a strong appreciation of history, and asks some rather pointed questions about God’s involvement in everyday life. It’s also beautifully written and funny as heck."
And, if you like cozy Southern fiction, here's an overview from The Word Verve, a writing and editing consulting company, of Front Porch Lemonade by JudiLynn Taylor:
"On the front porch of one Victorian home in the small Southern town of Eubanks, six women gather to indulge themselves in some cutting up, cutting loose, and an unparalleled stream of blowing off steam. While these friends cannot stop the events that at times attempt to knock them off their charted courses, they do find a way to embrace the changes in their lives—through each other’s support, laughter, and a healthy dose of Miss Abby’s lemonade. Hold the vodka?"


Marianne Wheelaghan said...

Thanks for highlighting these books. Not sure if I can get any of them here in the Uk but they look worth investigating :)

Louisa said...

I especially am interested in Camp Redemption! I tried to post your other comment -- not sure why it's not showing up. I'll be sure to check out your latest blog post!

Jan said...

The beautiful paperback version of Front Porch Lemonade is available for you in the UK! Click on the link for , order through paypal, and we'll get you a copy straightaway!

It's also available on ebook through all retailers.


Janet Green

Stephen said...

Thanks for sharing my review, Louisa. I hope you enjoy Camp Redemption.


Louisa said...

Hi Jan, thanks for the info! Front Porch Lemonade looks like a fun read!

Louisa said...

Hi Stephen, I'm glad to be able to feature it on my blog! Please keep me posted of any new releases.