Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Are video clips the way to go?

I know there's animosity out there towards big chains like Barnes & Noble, who are in direct competition with independent bookstores, in many cases helping to put them out of business. But can our own indies learn a few lessons from the big guys? Take a look at this video clip, part of a new series released by B&N -- I posted this because it deals with writer Dorothea Benton Frank and other women Southern writers.

Posting videos is a great idea, one I think independent bookstores could use for their own benefit. Podcasts are cheap; why not post videos of author readings, editors' picks, informal book reviews, etc... Then, make those videos available to local bloggers who can spread the word.

Are there indies out there already doing this? I'd be interested to know.


Britt Kaufmann said...

Check out the site Rob Neufeld began for Western North Carolina...

He has posted several author interviews and audio clips.

Louisa said...

Thanks! I had never heard of this site before. I'll definitely be checking it out now. I like your blog, by the way -- good reading recommendations!