Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gene Hackman spotted in NC

Co-authors Gene Hackman (yes, that Gene Hackman!) and Daniel Lenihan were at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh on Friday, promoting their new Civil War novel, Escape from Andersonville. Our own Lisa Morgan was there, soaking up the history!

Here's a synopsis from Quail Ridge Books:

An explosive novel of the Civil War about one man's escape from a notorious Confederate prison camp---and his dramatic return to save his men.

July 1864. Union officer Nathan Parker has been imprisoned at nightmarish Andersonville prison camp in Georgia along with his soldiers. As others die around them, Nathan and his men hatch a daring plan to allow him to escape through a tunnel and make his way to Vicksburg, where he intends to alert his superiors to the imprisonment and push for military action. His efforts are blocked by higher-ups in the military, so Parker takes matters into his own hands. Together with a shady, dangerous ex-soldier and smuggler named Marcel Lafarge and a fascinating collection of cutthroats, soldiers, and castoffs, a desperate Parker organizes a private rescue mission to free his men before it's too late.

Exciting, thoroughly researched, and dramatic, "Escape from Andersonville" is a Civil War novel filled with action, memorable characters, and vividly realized descriptions of the war's final year.


mamie said...

It seems to me, that when promoting an event on your blog that took place at an independent book store, it would be appropriate to leave Barnes and Noble out of the equation. These indys are fighting for their lives, and every boost you can give them is very, very important to the future of our being able to read quality literature. I noticed Hackman wasn't at B&N in our area.

Also, yours is a blog promoting southern literature, and I will tell you that Quail Ridge Books has been one of the finest supporters of southern writers in the US. Barnes & Noble and other big-box book stores don't give a hoot about southern literature unless Oprah picks the book, and they certainly do not promote books from small publishers, southern or otherwise.

Please be aware of the message you send to your readers when you promote events and authors.

Louisa said...

Thank you for pointing this out -- I certainly didn't mean to downplay Quail Ridge Books. I can appreciate your point and have changed the entry to include a quote from Quail Ridge instead.

mamie said...

Louisa, thank you so much for being sensitive and responsive.