Sunday, October 11, 2009

Going Away Shoes

Check out NC author Jill McCorkle's new book of short stories, Going Away Shoes, published by Algonquin Books. If you haven't yet read McCorkle, this is a great way to start -- her stories have weight to them and are addictive because the characters are so real, with dark senses of humor and real faults -- like a wife who invites her ex and his new girlfriend for Christmas Eve and then wonders why she ever did such a stupid thing. Then the septic tank goes bust. What could be a better story??

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Seeing STARS!

If you haven't yet heard about STARS (Southern Traveling Authors Registration Service), you might want to check it out:

Authors and readers will benefit from this new service, launched in January by SIBA. Basically, STARS is a listing of Southern authors -- their websites, press kits, upcoming readings they're doing ... Each time they enter a trip on STARS, an announcement is sent to nearby SIBA stores, telling booksellers that the author will be in the area and is available for events, speaking engagements, book club discussions, etc. Great idea!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back again ...

... after a short hiatus! Will be updating the events and contests section soon, along with more literary news from the South.

Current and upcoming reading list:
King of Lies, John Hart
Serena, Ron Rash

I'm obviously more familiar with the NC authors, so please feel free to share any other Southern authors that you know of.